Agent Greg & Alceen

Saturday 15th of June 2019

Saturday, the 15th of June, will have it’s own special soundtrack at SantAnna, set by Agent Greg & Alceen! Turn the volume up and dance the night away!

Over the past fifteen years, dance music DJ and producer, Agent Greg, has established himself as a household name in the dance scene in his home country, Greece, and as one of the most consistent performance artists abroad. One of the most exciting DJs to emerge in the last decades, Agent Greg has spun to rocking crowds from European decks to flooring massive hits down under Australia tracking uplifting sounds in the US, with an inimitable style and uprising energy.

Alkis Afentakis commonly known as Alceen is a greek dj and producer. At the age of 21, his passion for music led him to be the resident dj at Villa Mercedes and Venue Athens along with Vassili Tsilichristos. Alceen became known in public for his productions, with live instruments alongside with performing gigs internationally. In conclusion, he is collaborating with new venues/clubs to help them with their music identity.









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