The Spa – a collaboration with the renowned BeautyWorld by Despina Gavala, a Mykonos mainstay – is tucked away in the caverns beneath the stunning SantAnna pool. A variety of blissful and rejuvenating treatments are available in specially-customized treatment rooms for optimum peace and privacy.

Relaxation of all Body massage 60min 80€

Elixir, Swedish massage 15min 30€/ 30min 60€/ 60min 100€

For deep relaxation, tissue rebirth and stress relief through the use of relaxing ethereal oils on the entire body.

Wet Laurel, Anti-Cellulite Drainage 30min 60€/ 60min 110€

Enhancement of the circulation of the subcutaneous tissue with ethereal oils and saturated laurel branches of Apollo.

Rain in the Woods, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue Massage 15min 30€/ 30min 60€/ 60min 110€

Session of special presses for the deactivation of muscular pain on targeted affected areas
by using special wooden equipment and bamboo sticks.

Natural Facelift, Face Rejuvance 15min 30€/ 30min 60€/ 60min 120€

Relaxation on neck and face with special manipulation and finger-presses that offer firmness,
intense hydration and stress relief by using moisturizing herbal creams and a cold face mask.

Coral Touch, Gua Sha 30min 60€/ 60min 120€

Session of mild and dynamic manipulations and mobilization of the soft tissue for the direct
decrease of pain, rich oxygenation and tissue nourishment, detoxification and cleansing from t he useless metabolic products through the use of special Gua Sha equipment.

Sports Massage 15min 40€/ 30min 70€/ 60min 120€

This massage is used to reduce muscle pain and improve an athlete’s performance. The main technique used is functional kneading.

Back Express Massage 15min 25€ / 30min 45€

Foot Express Massage 15min 35€ / 30min 60€ / 60min 120€

Candle Massage 120€

A unique oil massage idea in the form of a candle. The heat slowly melts the oils, offering a warm and effective massage oil, as the heat allows better penetration into the skin. It can be used for all types of massage. The goal is deep hydration and detoxification, while essential oils offer deep relaxation and valuable beneficial properties.





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