HOSH, Magdalena, Laurent C, Naor Nurielli | Thursday July 19, 2018 - 5pm until midnight



From his residencies at Watergate in Berlin or Studio 80 in Amsterdam, HOSH brings with him a solid and unique style. Since 2006, HOSH has been an integral cog in the Diynamic wheel (alongside sometime flat mate and label boss Solomun). The prolonged dance-floor exposure HOSH has had as a DJ has afforded him an insight into exactly what works on the floor, into the differing moods of a club, and the hidden recesses of a raver’s mind.


Not many people knew that Magdalena has been part of the Diynamic family since the very beginning… Magdalena’s past as a booker and club manager might have given her those crucial skills that every DJ needs: knowing what the people want, reading them and reacting to their needs, while simultaneously directing those needs in a path that you have laid out for the night… Magdalena began to release her own productions and remixes in 2016 with «Should I Stay» on the 10 Years Diynamic Compilation, and hasn’t stopped since then. She will share her Dynamic style in the best place this summer and exclusively at Mykonos for SantAnna.

Laurent C

Laurent C is our King Size’s resident DJ every Thursday. Get ready to dance this summer because when Laurent C is behind the DJ booth it’s always an amazing moment.

Naor Nurieli

Naor Nurieli is a Tel Aviv DJ & music producer. He plays in the hottest clubs in TLV such as The Cat & The Dog club, Ritter Butzke, Breakfast Club, Renate, Haoman 17, Sisyphos and many more… as underground and private party. All the serial clubbers in TLV are crazy about his sound! Behind the decks he has no limit from techno to deep.









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