Resident DJ: Chris Fotou


Originally inspired by the sounds of Sasha and Digweed,Chris later drew his creative vision from the likes of Eric Morillo, Lil Louie Vega and Purple Disco Machine. The result is a collaborative spectrum of sound that transcends genres and breaks restrictive stereotypes. 

Through the underground Melbourne house scene, he has steadily built a reputation for taking his audience on a creative journey, whilst keeping them suspended between nostalgic euphoria and a hypnotic groove.

For Chris, it’s about entering your mind and intoxicating your soul.  He thrives on finding a common musical thread that inevitably seduces an intensely enamored audience.

His music screams at you with its funky rhythms whilst hovering above you with its groovy sounds.  It will delve into the corners of your mind whilst charismatically mesmerizing your soul.  He’ll awaken you and he’ll move you.  It is an eclectic yet delicate blend of house, infused subtly with bold undertones that hypnotically resonate with his audience.

Constantly evolving and always inspiring; his music is deep.  Its infectious.  It’s SantAnna.